Thursday, March 18, 2010

Well Done President Jonathan, Oops Acting President!

As Youths burdened by the downward spiral of the positive indicators that depict a working nation, strode or should i say peacefully matched down the tarred roads that clad the vicinity housing the national assembly, Abuja in a bid to send a message of hope to the citizens who have almost thrown in the towel and that of fear to the Cabal that have for years dragged the destiny of our country in the canals of dread and depravity; they hoped that somehow nations were watching, people listening and actions taken to begin the rebuilding of a frail and fast failing state.

Being one of the hopeful youths, my sights were set on the Vice President cum Acting President to set into motion a mechanism that would not just make Utopia a reality in the minds and fantasies of Nigerians alone, but make such hopes and dreams a reality. This awakening could not have come on a better day, March 17th, my birthday and a day after youths took to the streets to air their frustrations and to request accountability from our leaders: The dissolution of the cabinet of the ailing and inconspicuous president Yar A'dua.Way to go Sir!

I however am not getting drunk on this new development yet until an agenda targeted at easing the distress of the Nigerian citizenry is put in place, A cabinet that respects the rule of law,genuinely cares about the populace and would be accountable to the people they are suppose to "Serve" and "Lead" as oppose to putting their selfish ambitions in the forefront, are instituted. I am an optimist and i see change beyond recognition but first Nigerians have to continuously demand accountability and shun corruption at "ALL" levels.

Hat tip once again to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan on achieving such a feat, but we plead with you that you do not tread the same path of your predecessors, but that you set yourself apart and be a vehicle and vessel that would take Nigeria to her Eldorado. Well done once again!

Seleipiri Iboroma Akobo


Erere O. said...

The dissolution of the cabinet definitely came as a surprise to me, and I am waiting to see the positive things that will come out of it as well. That was a bold move, lol. Utopia, it almost is...


Tomiwa Igun said...

Yeah, the "Acting President" tag is a deceptive one considering that the "President" has remained inaccessible and mute...let's hope he gets well soon. I hope Jonathan can lay a solid foundation of positive things...