Our Vision statements:

  • To be the major voice of change in Nigeria by encouraging global participation in 19 project teams
  • To unite Nigerians all over the world regardless of ethnic group, religion, status or creed in order to act as one voice for change to bridge inequality and fight against things that separates us. 
  • To act against corruption, illiteracy, poverty, underdevelopment and other vices that plague our country 
  • To represent the needs of the common man in order to ensure that the country’s resources are used for the betterment of the people through provision of basic amenities such as electricity, water, good roads, safety (functional police force), and provision and accessibility to health care. 
  • To make Nigeria a place that is conducive for each individual to attain financial security regardless of one’s economic background, by refurbishing our educational system, and creating jobs for graduates, in addition to creating jobs for non-graduates i.e. lower level employment