Monday, March 8, 2010

The Voices of Jos: Top 10 Photos from Around the Globe (Naija Mondays)

Although we may pretend, the voices of Jos are crying out

So we will cry out with them today

These are the top 10 photos we've gathered from around the globe.

Reuters photo

Leero Photo Photo

Article.wn Photo Photo

2daynewsupdate Photo Photo

ITN photo

BBC Photo

Vanguard Photo

Jos, you are not alone.


miss b said...

its such a sad situation, I wonder how many people need to die before we get our act together

JideSalu's Diary said...

It's time we all unite to make a difference. Well done guys....

Nigerians 4 change said...

Miss is sad, that's why we have decided to cry out with them.

Jide...thank you.