Monday, February 22, 2010

154 Million Nigerians: LIGHT UP NIGERIA (Naija Mondays)

154 million Nigerians
From 36 states
Farmers, business men, teachers
Wake up to the possibility
Of no electricity
And generating their own power
Being an only option
Whether they can afford it or not
No be like that e suppose be
From village wells to street lights
Darkness covers our sights
From Lagos to Kaduna
Enugu to Cross Rivers...
We all feel the pain it brings
And in that moment dreams start to fade
As our pockets count the costs
As fragile lives continue to be lost
We dey suffer everyday
Hospital operations by candle light
Armed robbers in the moon light
We don tire for this darkness
A Complex problem with a simple solution
Your voice can make a difference

154 million Nigerians
From many cultures
Men, women, and children.
Woke up this morning with a common dream
Join us in one united voice
Make we all come together
As we say

If you're on twitter, light up Nigeria with a hashtag: #LightUpNigeria. Thanks.

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