Monday, April 6, 2009

Naija Mondays (DESTINY)

Wait, it’s my turn!

For the past few weeks (Mondays in particular), you’ve been blessed to read from various extraordinary young people about their views, their hopes and dreams for Nigeria. Their posts were based on the theme DESTINY. This week, I’ve been given a rare opportunity to follow in their footsteps.

I’m not a writer and was sincerely not too keen about writing but then, I looked at my life and considered the theme, DESTINY! Destiny is what brought me to the point of writing this post, believe it or not. I’ve had a very long while to think about what to write, so here we go!!

Destiny: What It Means to Me

Destiny can be described in many ways but I choose to define it as: the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events. I’ve been through various stages in my life, tried to go certain ways to avoid certain things but always seem to end right where I should have been initially. It took me seven years to attain my bachelor’s degree in Chemistry but seven years that led me to my destiny, where I’m supposed to be. And you know what I tell people, those seven years were just the beginning of the best of me.

Nigeria, My Love.

I see the same for Nigeria. Greatness lies in the country in so many ways and in so many people that it is tough to pick where to start from. We’ve been known to be so smart and intelligent, blessed with natural resources that many countries long after, attitudes, characters and personalities that only point toward great things. But very few have stepped up to their destiny to bring Nigeria into the lime light of its greatness. We’ve talked and talked and talked that talking now just seems like me bringing in air. Words have no more effect on the greatness of the country. I’ve lived in two other African countries, United States, visited some other countries and everywhere I’ve been too, the consensus seems to be the same. The way forward for Nigeria is in us, you the person reading this article, and me the writer. In addition to talking about it, we need to start doing; doing in the sense of stepping up and facing our destiny and leading Nigeria to where it needs to be.

Which Way Forward?

You know, every individual has his/her own plan to change Nigeria for the better but I have learned over the years that working together as a team ALWAYS yields the best results. It means helping one another achieve what is best for Nigeria. What are you doing to lead Nigeria towards its destiny? Are you one of those that like to talk and talk and talk but never have any action to show for it? Are you one of those that would agree with everyone but when it boils down to getting work done, you come up with excuses? (I used to be like that a few years ago…but my destiny caught up with me). Are you preparing for the next stage for Nigeria’s greatness?

Final Words

I’m a believer that one must continue to push forward positively and work hard and smart to attain their destiny. That could mean stepping out of the comfortable box, which you’re used to. Take that leap of faith in facing your fears and working towards your destiny. You might as well start now, because sooner or later, your destiny is going to catch up with you and you won’t want to be left wondering why you hadn’t stepped up to it a long time ago.

So I leave you with these words of hope: “The Struggle continues, Victory is Certain”.


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Tomiwa Igun said...

Talk, talk, talk!!! If there ain't no action, talk is cheap! Thanks for the inspirational words

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ShawnDaVinci said...

Struggle continues most def. How ever its not just the struggle but the quality of the struggle. It should be a struggle based on wisdom, colored by creativity, watered by passion, and refreshed by faith.
We must come up with creative ideas, not necessarily so big and grand, but ideas that no matter how small will start to make a difference a little at a time.see my post-
Cheers guys.

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Hey just noticed your "blogging about Nigeria" list. Think y'all need to add me to the